Splectar (2021-22) for electric guitar and digital processing (13')

Splectra (2012-13) for harp and digital processing (15')

A Cappadocian Book of Hours (2012) (60")

The Inevitable Wave (2011) for fixed electroacoustic media (10')

Sounding Sea/Silent Sea (2010)
for outdoor sculpture installation and fixed media (internet); collaboration with Karen McCoy

Brown Velvet (2009)
for solo bassoon and MaxMSP

Updraft (2009)
for ten trombones and MaxMSP

Martello Mix (2009)
for outdoor sculpture installation and fixed media (internet); collaboration with Karen McCoy

Exploring the Possibilities
for improvising instrumentalist and “real-time gamelan” (2008) [Max/MSP] (open duration)

Bullet Cycle
for three instruments and electroacoustic/ambient sound (2007) [Max/MSP] (16’)

Pulse Field
for 1-6 laptops (2008) [Max/MSP] (open duration)

Haiku of Buson (1996)
for reciter and tape (13')

Tales My Grandmother Told Me (1988)
for sampled and synthesized sounds on tape (12')

Three-Real Time Etudes (1986)
for Synclavier II (12')

Skyway (1985)
for computer-generated tape (14')

Like a High Wind Never Ceasing (1979)
for shakuhachi and synthesized sounds on tape (15')

[see also Ritratto..., (solo piano), A Clean Sweep, Roundabout and Yearning (solo instrument with accompaniment), Sunburst (chamber), Seeing Forms, Hearing Voices (vocal with ensemble)]


Infinity Avenue (2014/15) (open duration for MaxMSP): versions for laptop, installation, and improvising ensemble

Sound and Shadow (2012)
for improvising musicians with video projections (w/Karen McCoy)(c. 1 hour)

Sound and Sight Walks (ongoing, w/Karen McCoy)

Talking Trees (2010)
(commissioned by Spencer Art Museum, U. of Kansas; w/Karen McCoy)(open duration)

Elemental Encounter (2003, 2007)
audiovisual installation w/Karen McCoy (2 pieces, 10' a piece)

Collapsible Mandala (2008)
audio installation, open duration (MaxMSP)

Farewell to the Funless 80's! (1989)
for lounge singer

Platonic (1978)
for two thundersheets (indeterminate)

[see also Warm Waxing Wail (solo piano), Car Radio Rant, (solo piano), Trancendance (vocal/music theatre); Haiku of Buson (electronic)]