String Orchestra

Rocking Chair Serenade (2012) (9’)

Wind ensemble

Death March (2016) (4')
From the Ground Up (2009) for wind ensemble (3’)
La Ville Engloutie for wind ensemble (2007) (11’)
Portrait of Days and Nights on Lake Como (1988) for wind ensemble and tape (11')

Chamber Orchestra

What's Underfoot (2016) for 15 players The Inevitable Wave(C) (2012) for chamber orchestra and fixed media (16’)
Running the Gamut (2012) for 10 instruments (1’)
A Musical Enquiry in the Sublime and Beautiful (2006-07) for chamber orchestra (20’)
Marfantasie (2004) for seventeen players (18’)
Un Arco Lento (2000) for flute and string orchestra (12’)
A Matter of Scale (1993) for chamber orchestra (13')
Duke Meets Mort (1992) for chamber orchestra (12')
A Wide Open Field (1990) for electric cello and chamber orchestra (13')
The Distant Shore II (1982) for soprano and chamber orchestra (12')
The Distant Shore (1981) for chamber orchestra (10')

Mixed chamber ensemble (conductor optional):

Open/Empty (2014) for "Pierrot" sextet (12')
Night Garden (2012) for contrabass quintet (10')
Changing My Spots (2005) for open instrumentation (open duration)
Lesgedowdaheah (1996) for raucous ensemble [eleven players/funk band] (9')
Liberty (1991) for two pianos and three percussionists [arrangement of movement from Symphony #2]
Stonypath Sunrise and Victory March for Little Sparta (1991) for oboe/english horn, viola, harp, and percussion (8')
Time/Memory/Shadow (1988) for sextet (double trio: piano trio plus vln/vla/hrp) (16')
WindRiver (1984) for “Pierrot” sextet (10')
Time's Filter (1983) for double quintet [string/wind] (4')

Chamber ensemble (with conductor):

A Clean Sweep (2014) for one or two shakuhachis and six strings (13')
The Inevitable Wave(B) (2012) for eight percussion and fixed media (16')
Chamber Concerto for Guitar and 10 Instruments, “The Calm Bee in the Busy Hive” (2010) (16’)
Updraft (2009) for ten trombones and MaxMSP
Carving Space for Sound (1998) for trumpet and six players (14')
Time's Spring (1982) for nine strings (8')