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These works come from the last five years, work with a variety of media, and I think demonstrate best my musical concerns and ambitions, at their highest level (both as compositions, and as performances). Click below for a full recording, score (where applicable), and program note.

Piano Quartet, "Just Listen" (2018)

Symphony No.6, "Dome of Refuge" (2017)

Jyun On for 2 shakuhachis and ichigenkin (2017)

a... for a capella chorus (2015)

Open/Empty for mixed sextet (2014)

Fragile Farewell for piano trio (2014)

Rocking Chair Serenade (2013) for String Orchestra

Symphony No. 5 (2013)

Piano Quintet, "Search" (2012) [25']

Quintet for clarinet and strings (2010-11)

Quantum Dances for narrator, violin, clarinet, and piano (2010)

Geography of Loss (2010) for soprano, baritone, chamber chorus and 8 players [26’]

Chamber Concerto for Guitar and 10 Instruments: "The Calm Bee in the Busy Hive" (2009-10)

Shake the Tree (2004-05) for piano four-hands [22’]

Symphony No.4, “The Ladder” (2008) [22’]
(Click here to read Kyle Gann's review of the premiere performance from his PostClassic blog)

The Wind’s Trace Rests on Leaves and Waves for string quintet (2004-05) [17’]

La Ville Engloutie (2007) for wind ensemble [15’]

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