Harmony (2018-19) (2 hours 15 minutes)
(libretto by Russell Banks)

Vocal Solo

Solo Song (2002)
for solo voice [text by composer] [from Four Occasions]

Our Heart and Home Is With Infinitude (1998)
for soprano and piano (15')
[texts by Wordsworth, Baudelaire, Friedrich, Whitman, and Leopardi]

Vocal Duo

Di Pensier a Pensier (2000)
for soprano, mezzo soprano, and harpsichord (15’)
[text by Petrarch]

(see also Warm Waxing Wail, solo piano)

Vocal With Chamber Ensemble

Things As It Is (2023) for soprano, clarinet, and piano [texts by Chase Twichell] (15’)

Haiku from a Horrible Year (2020) for soprano and five instrumentalists (21')

The Geography of Loss (2011) for soprano, baritone, chamber choir, and instrumental septet [text by composer]

The Sting of Command (2002)
for baritone, violin, clarinet, piano and contrabass (4’)
[text from Elias Canetti]

Seeing Forms, Hearing Voices (1999)
for soprano, male chorus, brass, strings, percussion, keyboard sampler, and electroacoustic part (20’)

Pensées Nocturnes (1994)
for soprano and piano trio (13')
[texts by Blaise Pascal]

El Canto de los Asesinados (1993)
for tenor, clappers, percussion, soprano saxophone and bass guitar (5')
[texts by Federico Garcia Lorca and Robert Carl]

Two Visions (1987)
for soprano and thirteen players (texts by W.B. Yeats and Wallace Stevens) (20')

American Space (1983)
for soprano and six players (text by Louis Sullivan) (14')

[see also Distant Shore II under "chamber orchestra"]

Music Theater (monodrama)

Trancendance (1991)
for soprano, piano, and bass (on Shaker texts) (15')


A-... (2015) for a cappella chorus

Fear No (2010) (6') for a cappella chorus

Simic Songs (2003)
fifteen madrigals for four solo voices

Sanctus for Zepernick (2002)
for a cappella chorus (7’)

Autumn Song (1993)
for children's choir (2')
[text by Emily Dickinson]

Sullivan Songs (1983)
for 12-voice a cappella choir (9')
[texts by Louis Sullivan]